The Story of Sustainability

The Story of Sustainability

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We have limited to achieve sustainable development, and it is a tough road ahead. Come join us, and we tell you the story of sustainability and how we can overcome this challenge.
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Course Description

With how important sustainable development is, SDG Plus has put together a 10-part miniseries that will quickly bring you up to speed. We will introduce you to the world of sustainability and walk you through its origin story, its key concepts and give you real-world examples from communities and organisations from around the world. To save the world, you have to start somewhere. Why not start with us on?

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how the Brundtland Commission coined and popularised the term ‘sustainable development’.  
  • Discover how sustainability was practiced by our Ancestors. 

  • What led to the birth of the Millennium Development Goals and Sustainable Development Goals? 

  • Identifying Sustainable and Unsustainable practices. 

  • The importance of the three pillars of sustainability framework. 

  • Understand why we must limit our global warming to 1.5° Celsius.

  • Understand why private companies should move towards sustainability. 


Faculty SLX

Technology and globalisation are creating rapid and complex transformations. Our vision is to help societies adapt to this fast change, and to do it sustainably. We believe that education is the key to improving the state of the world and responsible use of technology is the lever we can use to bring education to not just students, but everyone, everywhere. Based in Switzerland, we are well positioned to access a large network of partners and collaborators from academia, industry and government. Although we are headquartered in Switzerland, our mission is global: We seek to do our part in changing the way the world thinks of education, as not just a tool, but a way of enriching lives.

The Story of Sustainability

Module 1:

Introduction to Sustainability

1:15 Hours

1.1:Birth of Modern Sustainability 0:15
1.2:Theories and Principles of Sustainability 0:15
1.3:Origin Story for Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) 0:15
1.4:Origin Story for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 0:15
1.5:Sustainable and Unsustainable Practices Around the Globe 0:15

Module 2:

Concepts of Sustainability

1:00 Hours

2.1:The 3 Pillars of Sustainability 0:15
2.2:Economics of Sustainability 0:15
2.3:Sustainable Solutions - Different Approaches to a Common Goal 0:15
2.4:Climate Change Conference 0:15
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  • Why should I do this course?
    This course will help you understand sustainable development and sustainability. This is blended learning and this online course will give you through visual storytelling and varied examples from all over the world. It will help you master sustainable development.
  • How will I benefit from these courses?
    You will expand your horizons by understanding what is required to apply sustainability in the real world, learn its concepts and frameworks. Through blended learning, you can personalise your learning. Courses are free and come with assessments and quizzes that help you test your newly acquired skills.
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4th May 20

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31st May 23

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