Sustainable Solutions - Different Approaches to a Common Goal

Sustainable Solutions - Different Approaches to a Common Goal

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Do you think there is one ultimate way to meet the sustainable development goals? Or based on socio-economic and cultural differences, the approach towards sustainability can change? Watch this episode to understand how there can be different approaches to the common goal.

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Sustainable development is fundamentally a broad concept, and there are multiple ways of achieving it. The way to accomplish it is often heavily influenced by cultural and socioeconomic factors of a country. So can two countries, with two different starting points, achieve a similar sustainability goal?    

Learning Objectives

  • Discover how the Americans are trying to overcome their unsustainable industrial agricultural practises. 

  • Explore how the Chileans are using their deep-rooted traditions and strong cultural identity to accomplish sustainable development.  

  • Learn why sustainable development cannot have a one size that fits all solution.   


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Technology and globalisation are creating rapid and complex transformations. Our vision is to help societies adapt to this fast change, and to do it sustainably. We believe that education is the key to improving the state of the world and responsible use of technology is the lever we can use to bring education to not just students, but everyone, everywhere. Based in Switzerland, we are well positioned to access a large network of partners and collaborators from academia, industry and government. Although we are headquartered in Switzerland, our mission is global: We seek to do our part in changing the way the world thinks of education, as not just a tool, but a way of enriching lives.
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