SDG Plus Premier Meetup

SDG Plus Premier Meetup

Why is it important for India to align with the Sustainable Development Goals?

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If you look at India today, it has a robust and resilient economy that has managed to maintain its title as the “world’s fastest growing major economy”. However, economic growth alone won’t be enough for India to deliver sustained growth. A recent report by Bain and Company revealed that India is a major contributor to the world performance gap in achieving UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Join us on our inaugural meetup to discuss how India can help the world deliver on the SDGs by 2030.

  • What role can private companies and NGOs play in helping India achieve the SDGs?
  • What steps and policies has the Indian government implemented till date for incorporating the SDGs?
  • Which of the SDGs should India be focusing on for 2020?

Listen to a wide range of experts and practitioners on each of these topics and join the conversation. SDG Plus community’s collaborative journey for 2020 starts here.